Basic hours are 11 am to 7 PM but we can help you out at any reasonable time, day or night.

Custom Computers/New Builds

whether you need power or just something to check your e-mail on, we can put together a system that is built around your needs.

Computer Repair Services

Hard drive replacement, removal of spyware and viruses, operating system installation, sound card, add in card installations, Graphics upgrades and much much more. You go to your desk and turn on your computer only to see the blue screen of death. No worries! We can fix that! We provide software and hardware support for computers. Computer won't turn on, We can fix that too. Apartment too small for your old computer setup? No worries, we can help you find a deal on LCD's and small form desktops or laptops.

Driver Help Pages Here.

Computer Hardware Drivers - From PC-Pages including Video Card Drivers, Modem Drivers, Motherboard Drivers, Sound card Drivers, Network Card Drivers.