*Because there's such a wide variety of software and hardware, its impractical to keep a large stock, and it saves you money when we order the same day you place an order with us.

**Generally we only use Windows XP home and pro, but if your looking for a different operating system we can install one at your request, but may require additional fees.

Location and Phone

Payson, UT 84651
Utah County
(801) 358-3057

As of now we can only accept payment in the form of cash or check.

We can get your computer back up and running with speed and precision

If you need any kind of work done, feel free to contact us and schedule a time to bring it down and have us take a look at it. All computers are unique and have different issues so repair times and costs vary from system to system.
When you want a system custom tailored to your needs we find exactly what kind of computer will get the job done, at a price that won't break the bank. To keep prices low on custom builds we only charge the cost of parts with an additional 20% fee just so that we can stay in business and provide you with great service.

Cost of parts not included in below chart.

Just a $25 bench fee!

-- Services - Repairs -Upgrades --

$10 - Memory Upgrades

$10 - Network Card Installation - Tested with UCPC Tech's Network

$10 - Floppy/Zip Drive Installation

$10 - Motherboard boot test

$12 - Software Installations - Per Title

$15 - Update OS Software

$15 - CD Rom/DVD, CDRW, and DVD-RW Rom Installations

$15-$20 - Spyware/Virus/Trojan Removal

$20 - CPU Upgrades

$20 - Hard Drive Installation without loading OS (add $12 per additional hard drive)

$20 - Video Card Installation - Includes Driver Install

$20 - Power Supply Installation - Includes Boot Test

$25 - OS software reinstall - includes all required device drivers

$40 - After hours Emergency Service applies to any after hours services.

$45 - Hard Drive Installation with OS (XP or XP Pro only)** Per OS

$35-$50 - Laptop DC/Power jack repair.